Seun Anikulapo Kuti Denies Domestic Violence Allegations Sets the Record Straight

Renowned Nigerian afrobeats musician Seun Anikulapo Kuti has addressed and debunked the accusations of physical and verbal abuse leveled against him by his wife.

The controversy stemmed from a viral video in which Seun was seen engaged in a heated argument with a police officer, during which his voice could be heard raised. This incident sparked rumors and speculations suggesting that Seun’s wife might be a victim of domestic violence.

However, Seun took to Instagram in a recent live session with his fans to set the record straight. He categorically stated that his wife is not afraid of him, but rather, he is the one who harbors fear towards her. Seun further claimed that individuals close to his family, who were privy to the situation, can attest to the truth of his statement.

He said: “The most important rumor I must dispel is the one claiming that I’m beating my wife. They said I screamed at her to get into the car [in the viral video] and she went into the car… That she is scared of me. My wife is not scared of me. Trust me, if you know anybody that knows us, I’m the one that’s scared of my wife. But my wife respects me,” Seun emphatically stated during the Instagram session.

He also expressed his belief that the negative reactions from some Nigerian men stemmed from jealousy, highlighting the fact that he and his wife have an open and respectful communication dynamic that some may find challenging to emulate.

Seun Anikulapo Kuti’s clarification sheds light on the situation, emphasizing that the allegations of domestic violence are unfounded and rooted in jealousy. As the acclaimed musician continues to be transparent about the incident, he hopes to put an end to the rumors and focus on his music career and family life.

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