Seun Kuti Opens Up: “Na Juju Me I Dey Do I No De Go Church”

Grammy-Nominated Musician Reveals Unconventional Spiritual Practices in Recent Interview

In a candid revelation, renowned Nigerian singer Seun Kuti has disclosed that he doesn’t attend church but instead practices voodoo (juju). The Grammy-nominated artist shared this unconventional aspect of his life during a recent episode of “Spill With Phyna,” hosted by reality star Phyna.

During the interview, Seun Kuti shared that the Anglican side of Christianity in Nigeria was founded by his family, making them pioneers in the movement. However, he emphasized that his family has since moved on from practicing Christianity, expressing the hope that more Africans can adopt a similar open-minded approach.

When questioned by Phyna about his church attendance, Seun Kuti confirmed that he engages in the practice of ‘juju,’ a traditional African spiritual belief system.

The revelation sparked various reactions from netizens:

@sazaberg commented: “Follow suit for this my life wey God Don bless? Suit urself egbon.”

@thegoldmaskguy stated: “At least he’s not lying about it, and that makes him a real one. Not like most…”

@faceeless3 observed: “Many so-called men of God and so-called Christians in this country dey serve juju. Una big pastors get babalawo and him properties for alters. Many of you say amen to their juju.”

Seun Kuti’s openness about his spiritual practices has ignited discussions about the diversity of beliefs in contemporary Nigerian society.

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